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Multi-touch Technology on Steroids

If you've ever wondered whether the 'multi-touch' technology present on Apple's iPhone and iPod products would make sense on a larger scale, then take a look at this video from . This technology has been being worked on since at least 2006 by Jeff Han , as a spinoff of an NYU project, and it has been featured on CNN's election coverage, and written up in several places, including this article on . Though I'm completely sold on the promise of this technology for vertical applications such as weather and news, I do wonder about the usefulness of this technology in the general purpose computing space. Wondering about this technology's general usefulness doesn't mean it can't be an excellent niche market tech, but the prospect of most knowledge workers or others who enter a lot of data into their computer using this interface makes me cringe. Some people can get by with just ' haptic ' feedback (ala the iPho