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Government Software Pedigree (a.k.a. Why We Need

[Note: edited 9/8/10 to clear up misconceptions about my involvement in] I'd like to talk today about why a system similar to is a good idea for Federal government civilian agencies. I'll preface this with full disclosure: I work for CollabNet , the main infrastructure provider for . The CollabNet TeamForge product is the 'glue' underlying, but it allows for additional services to be 'plugged in' in the future. My role in is that of a community management consultant (and part-time day-to-day community manager). Despite the fact that the GSA (General Services Administration) is looking to the DoD (specifically DISA ) to help them replicate the success of, the main point here is not to sell TeamForge, but, instead, to make customers and communities successful from a cultural and process standpoint. Therefore, I'm posting this here for neutrality rather than at the ' OnCollabnet ' b